The game is over I can reveal it is...

... a brilliant hair bobble for dogs working in the catering industry!

No seriously, it is actually a doggie toothcleaner as correctly first guessed by Geoff.

A few minutes after I took Mina's excellent suggestion of a hair bobble literally, I realised I hadn't retrieved it from Oscar's top knot and then panic - it had completely disappeared.
Surely Oscar wouldn't have eaten it? Tess maybe, but not Oscar!
Craig found it behind the radiator! It was very soggy - perhaps clever Oscar had been trying to clean his teeth himself?
As he'd made a start, I thought I'd keep going.
I'd not been very excited at the prospect of yet another tooth cleaning device. I guess I've seen everything that's been invented and not been that impressed.
I remember the roast beef flavour toothpaste and the fiddly doggie toothbrushes of old and had always found them not worth the wrestle.
But despite my initial amusement at the look of the thing, actually using it was remarkably simple and amazingly effective.
Oscar has pretty good teeth, but there's a little bit of tartar at the top of his canines developing.
My old mum used to have some sort of vicious looking instrument of torture to scrape those bits off our dogs teeth back when I was a kid. I'm far too much of a wimp to do that. But this little finger sock seemed to be just wiping away the tartar a rub at a time. I was cursing not doing a before and after pic!
Now just rubbing a bandaged finger over your dog's tooth wouldn't do that, so after the event I had a look at the packaging!
It's a microfibre cleaner which is impregnanted with silver ions which absorbs and destroys plaque bacteria on contact. It also massages the gums.
You can keep using it for four to six weeks, which is good. And I can honestly say that unlike the other methods I've tried I'd be still using this in six weeks time because Oscar actually enjoyed me massaging his teeth and gums! And I could see it working so I felt it was worthwhile.
So it started off as a bit of a joke - but I've actually learned something today!
I'm now loathe to post out the other one, but Geoff - I am awaiting your postal address and putting it into a plain brown envelope now!
THank you for all the other suggestions - products that still obviously need inventing!
If you'd like to know more about the toothcleaners go to


Anonymous said…
We have been using these on our Cavaliers for a few weeks now - they are doing a great job and are very well tolerated {unlike toothbrushes which are too big for wee mouths!}


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