Thursday, 24 June 2010

Would you like to be on TV?

Next Tuesday?
In London.
Has your pet got a problem you'd like solving live on Channel 4?
The 5 o'clock show has a pet clinic item next Tuesday and they'd love an interesting case to solve.
If you are interested please email me your details and I will pass them on to the researchers.
Can be health-related or behaviour.

Transport will be arranged.
Possibility of a fee...



Anonymous said...

Did they tell you who the trainer is? Or what the methods are?
I would have though most people would (should) be interested to know.

Mutthouse xx

Beverley Cuddy said...

When my colleague took the first call she asked and was told it was a celebrity vet, "Paul somebody". When I phoned back I asked whether it was Marc Abrahams as that soudned the most likely vet and she said it was, but I have to say she didn't soudn 100% certain!

Anonymous said...

Pete Wedderburn maybe? I think he's in the UK next week....

Tc27 said...

Well Marc has said in the past that he is not a behaviourist which I was quite impressed by. These days it seems everyone calls themselves a Behaviour Expert.