This is like pulling teeth!

This is the last call for captions for this photo...

We desperately need people with a good sense of humour to hurry up and enter our caption competition - we're judging it tomorrow and so far most of the entries would not even raise a smile from a lottery winner! It is the hardest picture ever so we need the most razor-sharp brains working on this! In fact just any entries would be good! I think people may be over-editing and just not sending them. You can use false names if you'd prefer - if you're ashamed of your efforts...! I fondly remember the days when we even had to censor our more racy entries, when reading them out caused total hysteria...

This month's crop - sigh!  I'll give you a pretty reasonable example from the small pile so you can see how low the bar is:

"Dolly hadn't had such a good laugh in donkey's years... "

Now that's not the worse, by a long way! You've got to be able to do better!
Winner gets a Clicker training kit and the runners up get a combined clicker/whistle.
Send your captions ASAP to :
The photo features Smith, a Whippet.


MamaMutt said…
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" lalalalala
Anonymous said…
"Who said Beverly's bite was worse than her bark?"

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