Wednesday nights just got a whole lot better

Set your Sky plus, drink lots of coffee, just don't miss this.

Wednesday nights, BBC1 22:45 (23:15 in Wales)

Only our favourite vet in the whole world (look away Richard, Nick, Alison, Mark....etc - we obviously love you all, too)
Noel Fitzpatrick

I've known this was coming for ages but was wondering when it woudl launch and saw it today on BBC Breakfast where they showed the cat saved from a combine harvester who can walk again thanks to two revolutionary false legs. 
Will never forget meeting the fantastic American Bulldog who wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for his amazing false leg. 
Noel is a dog god.
It's the work of the other Simon Cowell, the lovely guy behind Wildlife SOS.
Watch the fantastic Noel put animals back together in ways no one has ever done before.
I have said before, Noel is a genius who manages to combine cutting edge science with warmth.
He hugs his patients human, canine, feline and performs miracles that provokes slavish hero worhship from pet owners he has helped.
Wednesdays suddenly got worth looking forward to!
Can't wait.
Double espressos all round!
Not the most critical review you'll read, but certainly the most enthusiastic!


Chapstaff said…
Ooh yes - I saw this was on, got it prog'ed in already, can't wait.

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