What pressed that button?

Grumpy of Chobham here.
At 1.55am this morning our radio alarm went off.
No, we weren't taking off for the airport or any other sane reason to get up at that time.
The alarm was still set for 6.20am as usual when we checked. It's a very basic alarm and there's only one setting allowed - so no chance of a mistaken second alarm being set at 1.55am.
A good look at the machine revealed that the snooze button would cause the radio to come on, but who or what pressed that button? It only needed a light touch.
The dogs can't get into the bedroom, so they're not guilty.
No kids awake. They slept through the alarm - lucky them!
Extra large spider?
Urban fox deciding to really get middle England angry by waking them up by other methods than knocking the bins over?
It's a mystery!
Please not a mouse, rat, squirrel.....
Or a naughty ghost, I would like a good night's sleep tonight!
Day went further down hill as BT lines let us all down – Internet in the office down from lunchtime onwards, how helpful!


Anonymous said…

This is a totally unrelated subject - but I was wondering if there's any update on Chunk (the doggie who needs an eye operation).
Beverley Cuddy said…
Have asked for an update, will report back when I have news!

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