Kennel Club vet appears to have been unsound

I was wondering how things were going with the German Shepherd puppy so rudely ejected from Crufts. I'd spoken to the owner shortly after Crufts and I know how upset she was, I think she said at the time that much of the journey home was a blur as she was crying so much because of the way she'd been treated. David Payne has forwarded me a copy of the letter she'd just sent the KC and I have to say they'll have to put their very best spinning head on to wriggle out of this one with any dignity.
Poor Pamela, why treat such an outstandingly caring and thorough breeder with such disrespect?  Perhaps it's time for the KC vet to eat a little bit of humble pie and say sorry, that he was mistaken?

Just had a follow up email from Pam, too and it seems Lotty doesn't only look good on Xray, she looks pretty good on the outside, too. At her first show she won Best GSD puppy! I quote:

Lotty (above)- my Crufts evictee because she had an abnormaility of the hind quarters took BEST GSD PUPPY at the County Show (her first show and 1 week under 8  months) under Mrs Ronnie Smalley - who went on to say if she had been a  couple of months older she would have been a serious contender Best of Breed as well! - I wonder what it was the KC official saw that everyone else has missed!!!  Mrs Smalley is no novice when it comes to the correct GSD.  Her prefix is Quixote.
Kind regards Pam Edgington
Starkstrom GSD's


07 June, 2010


Crufts 2010 – Accredited Breeder Status 

I am in receipt of the renewal for the Accredited Breeder Scheme for 2010/2011. (see below) It is rather like receiving another humiliating blow. 

Possibly you are all not aware of the reasons.  I will explain if you will permit me to put forward my point of view.  I do and have done every possible Health check for my German Shepherds, Hip scoring, JRD/DNA Testing, Breed Surveys and only breeding from Grade 1 Surveyed bitches.    Also selecting suitably tested males.  But for whatever reason one of your Officials saw fit this year to Evict me and my young GSD from Crufts on the grounds she was “unsound”.    

Your press announcement said “An abnormality of the Hindquarters”.    Will you please read the attached letter from a BVA/KC Veterinary (see below) regarding her hip screening which I do as standard at 6 months. 

In evicting me your Official actually broke one of your own Regulations. 

Received from the KC in the Crufts Exhibitors pack a leaflet entitled:-

Notice to Exhibitors
Regulation F(1)15 - Exclusion of dogs.
Paragraph 3 reads:-

By way of a reminder to exhibitors, under Regulation F(1)15 (Exclusion of Dogs) if in the opinion of the Show Secretary, Show Manager or duly appointed official of the Kennel Club any dog is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare the dog must be examined by the Veterinary Surgeon of the show to establish the validity of the allegation. The Veterinary Surgeon's opinion shall be final and if the allegation is upheld, the dog shall be excluded from all subsequent competition at the Show, including the Group.  However, the dog may remain at the show.   

I would be very pleased to hear how the Kennel Club responds to this.  I am 76 and your Official could have been more sympathetic and asked me to withdraw from the display team and enjoy the rest of Crufts leaving my youngster with our Dog Minder. This I would have done.   But no … it was ‘GO’ a rather harsh decision was it not in light of your above Regulation?  I was too stunned to ask his name and too humiliated to retaliate.

In view of the above how can the Kennel Club justify asking me to renew my subscription to a Scheme when you show no consideration to facts?  Under the circumstances it actually means nothing, just a piece of paper with words on it.  Or that is how I now see it.  I have never once been checked out.  I have also been in the German Shepherd scene for some 50 years and a breeder since 1985.  Only having bred 12 litters in this period of time I would hardly consider it prolific.  Careful selective breeding in fact – for my next generation. 

Whilst I am now aware my young GSD should not have been on the Team, it was by Invitation and I presumed, obviously incorrectly, that this was in order for a Puppy Foundation which is for puppies with no minimum age limit other than the 10 week inoculation time.   I must add that at the time of the eviction the puppy’s age was NOT known by the Kennel Club and did not enter into the equation.

In conclusion I would add that having worked for a plc at Main Board level I am very au fait as to how the Chairman, Chief Executive and Main Board Directors are protected.  It would be nice, just once, to have my faith in humanity restored and not have my letter ‘redirected’. 

I look forward to your comments and an apology for the humiliation. 

Yours faithfully 


Encl.  1) Veterinary assessment letter, April 2010

          2) A copy of your letter requesting I renew my membership to the ABS

 Click here to see copies of the above letters


Anonymous said…
Gosh you must have another slow news day to drag this up. perhaps become journalist and do some research for once rather than just spin old tales
Anonymous said…
Will be interesting to see what the KC say on this.
Anonymous said…
The KC usually ignore any unpalatable truth about their appalling behaviour. The "Ostrich syndrome" is prevalent in Clarges Street.
Anonymous said…
if she had been showing for so many years why didnt she know the rules about having an underage puppy at a show? afterall at the KC own show it would be a foolish thing to take! as for it being sound or not I dont think just because it has now won A class that it proves it is sounds...if that was the case why are ther so many unsound GSD being shown and winning? True not handled inthe best manner by the KC, but the owner not that innocent either!
Anonymous said…
It would be wise to understand this puppy was in a DISPLAY TEAM for obedience demonstration for the PUBLIC to enjoy. This PUPPY was invited to participate because it gave an excellent display and it would show the PUBLIC what can be achieved with a young puppy. The 6 month rule does not apply.
The issue REALLY IS how the Kennel Club handled this whole episode - DISGRACEFUL is exactly how!
Anonymous said…
"The 6 month rule does not apply. " yesit does to ANY dog on display, that is the guide given to those on discover dogs too, as for it being a display dog, to expect such a young puppy to cope with all of Crufts is quite cruel, any display tean who thinkit was good thing to train such a young puppy should perhaps consider what they are trying to teach the public?
Anonymous said…
I have mixed feeling about the whole 'gsd gate' which stormed over this years crufts. One thing to note though. Take a look at the winning picture of this years best of breed and last years. You will notice that their 'line' looks exactly the same. Aside from the silly stance they make them do which exaggerates the slope (and who said that was the show stance?!). Also (unrelated) I noticed that the best rottie in show had a docked tail. Realise the time frame issue but what about promotion.
Anonymous said…
Quote the 6 month rule for CRUFTS obedience display team. Don't simply state IT exists. A GSD with an excellent temperament would NOT be bothered by CRUFTS. The GSD breed are developing an exciting Show scene 'outside of the KC' and other numerically large breeds are watching with considerable interest.
The future looks very promising. The KC are destined to become what the should be, a registration organisation. And I am sure alternative 'registration' organisations exist throughout Europe with some for specific breeds. The GSD breed has a very powerful and influential European and World-wide organisations which are far superior in fundamental ways than the Kennel Club.
Anonymous said…
"The GSD breed has a very powerful and influential European and World-wide organisations which are far superior in fundamental ways than the Kennel Club." but the rest of the show world are very happy for them to leave as they are fed up with the bad confirmation and terrible double handling, most open shows have dumped the breeds classes and I am sure most champ shows would be happy to do so too. The GSD USE to have a good health record but this is now well over taken by most other breeds
Anonymous said…
The GSD breed have so many clubs and they are split, that is why we have two differnt breeds under the one name, shame 40 years ago a good honest dog, now more to do with ego of owners than actual fit function dogs, afterall what other breeds more than one person to handle it and make it show in ring?

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